Who we are

Kirsten Tangemann

Managing Partner

After more than ten years in international research institutions , working to improve our understanding of complex disease mechanisms , Kirsten moved on to establish and manage the academic business incubator in Graz (Science Park Graz GmbH), helping scientists to develop sustainable business models and to make their start-ups work. In 2008 she and her partners founded Quadris Consulting GmbH.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Kirsten Tangemann moves easily between the academic and the business worlds, helping to set up collaborative and transfer projects. She is involved in the development of nonprofit networks and helps them to adapt and operate strategically. She made a significant contribution to the Austrian business incubator network AplusB . As an Ashoka coach (worldwide network that promotes social entrepreneurship) Kirsten is committed to developing solutions where science and technology serve people and society.

Selected qualifications and functions:

  • Studies in Biochemistry/Biophysics and Music (violin performance)
  • International research (University of Basel, University of California, San Francisco)
  • Certified Business Consultant (CMC)
  • Ashoka Visionary Program
  • Managing director of business incubator Science Park Graz GmbH

In Siegfried‘s work people are in the middle of all practical and scientific considerations. He takes a holistic and systemic view on the interactions between people and different societal and technological systems. This core principle runs like a unifying thread through all his projects.

After completing his PhD at Graz University of Technology he spent four years on research and teaching at the Department of Engineering Economic Systems and Operations Research at Stanford University, USA. Thereafter he spent several years on the design and development of international projects at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in the areas of operations management/strategy, logistics and information technology. In 2003 he became a Full Professor at Graz University of Technology and Head of the Department of Engineering and Business Informatics. His research stays also took him to Berkeley and the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

The most important things in life are not things.

In his research he focuses on Systems Engineering and Systems Architecture and on the basics of Modelling and Simulation of Systems, and on how they can be applied to social-technical systems. He puts his research into practice in his work on business and operations strategy, system design and optimization of processes with international corporations and companies in the high-tech sector, automotive and assembly, consumables, and the media.

Selected qualifications and functions:

  • Studies of Engineering Sciences (Mechanical/Industrial Engineering, Informatics)
  • International research at Stanford University, USA (Applied Mathematics, System Modeling)
  • Professor of Business Informatics
  • Strategy and Operations Consulting: McKinsey & Company
  • Creativity & Facilitation Trainer, McKinsey & Company

Our team members and our network

Our team and our network are a key element in Quadris’ success. We run a collaborative practice, bringing together a wide range of strengths and perspectives, disciplines and skills.

Selected qualifications and skills:

  • Studies in Engineering, Natural and Social Sciences
  • Many years of project experience
  • Moderation und presentation skills
  • Quantitative und qualitative analysis techniques